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Advising Services

Just getting started? Meet with a Peer Mentor, a student who has studied abroad and can help you access resources and information to narrow down your choices. You can also make an appointment with an advisor to discuss specific program options and learn more about next steps in the process.

PLEASE NOTE: Making an appointment will secure a meeting time with an advisor - you will not receive a confirmation email.

Peer Mentors
Peers are available to talk to students on a walk-in basis Mondays - Fridays, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Advising Staff

Lauren Ruszczyk, Assistant Director for Advising and Outreach
Advising Region: Australia and New Zealand
Contact for presentation requests
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Conrad Zeutenhorst
Advising Region: France, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia
Program coordinator for Maryland-in-Nice
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Deborah Lake
Advising Region: United Kingdom and Ireland
Coordinator for Freshman Initiatives, Maryland-in-London, and Maryland-in-Kiplin Hall
Contact for Peer Mentor Program, Freshmen Abroad: Destination London, Destination Rome, Terrapin Take-Off
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Nicole McDermott
Advising Region: Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Multi-country programs
Program coordinator for Maryland-in-Copenhagen and Maryland-in-Haifa
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Kyle Sturges
Advising region: Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Caribbean
Program coordinator for Maryland-in-Barcelona and Maryland-in-Sevilla
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Joel Ward
Advising Region: Italy, the Mediterranean, Germany, and Austria
Program coordinator for Maryland-in-Rome and Maryland-in-Berlin
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Presentations and Info Sessions
Education Abroad Staff and Peer Mentors are available to speak to classes and campus organizations. Email Lauren all the relevant information and include 3 potential dates that work for you. We'll get back to you ASAP to schedule a time to come and share our enthusiasm for studying abroad.

If you are a member of the press, please contact our Associate Director, Leanne Johnson.


Leanne Johnson
Associate Director

Francisca Cortes
Administrative Assistant

Claire Valdivia
Applications Coordinator

Isatta Mansaray
Program Management Specialist

Søren Peterson
Coordinator of Short-Term Programs

Finance Team (for Faculty and Staff only)

Heather Gray
Director of Administrative Services

Mary Whitney
Business Manager

Kristina Sesay

Appointments with staff members may also be made through your MyEa account here.