Get Started with Study Abroad

Congratulations on your decision to include study abroad in your college career! Read on to find out how to pursue the study abroad opportunity that is best for you!

  1. Check in with your Academic Department to find out what classes you can take abroad, and the best time in your four years to go.  See Guidelines for Specific Colleges and Majors here.
  2. Consider your goals and think about how you will finance your international experience.
  3. Research Possible Program Options.
  4. Want to talk with someone about your choices?  Meet with a Peer Mentor and get an overview of options for study abroad. Peer Mentors are students who have been abroad and want to share their insights, experience, and enthusiasm with you.
  5. Make sure you have a passport that will be valid 6 months after the completion of your program.  If not, make sure you obtain a passport. 
  6. Meet with an Education Abroad Advisor to determine if program is approved for academic credit.
  7. If you are considering an external program, follow these instructions to apply to your program of choice.
  8. Once you have been accepted to your program, complete your Course Pre-Approval Approval and other forms.
  9. Attend your Required Pre-Departure Orientation
  10. Study abroad!
  11. Come back and stay involved!

Education Abroad has updated our application and selection process for study abroad. UMD semester and short term programs now adhere to fixed deadlines for all study abroad and scholarship applications. Under the new policy, late applications will not be accepted. Students must complete their applications on or before the published deadlines.

Admission to all programs, including those with limited space, will be determined according to the merits of individual applications rather than the timing of their submission. Therefore, while we encourage early applications, students may not be informed of their admissions status until approximately two weeks after the announced application deadline for their programs and scholarships. For more information contact